[G] Stimulating Gel FAQ


What is [G] Stimulating Gel?

[G] is a natural stimulating gel to help enhance your sensitivity and intensify physical stimulation. When applied to a woman's clitoral area, this gentle topical gel helps increase satisfaction and pleasure during foreplay and sexual intercourse.

How do I use [G] Stimulating Gel; and how long does it take to work?

[G] is contained in an airless pump for easy dispensing. Pump one application into your hand or directly onto clitoral area. Use your (or your partner's) clean fingers to gently massage on and around the clitoris. Almost instantly you may feel a tingly sensation and increased sensitivity. Continue to massage rhythmically, as it may help induce more intense orgasms.

What are the ingredients in [G] Stimulating Gel?

[G] has a carrageenan base - a moisture-rich lubricating component which is an extract from rich marine algae with extraordinary potential health benefits. It also contains niacin, arginine and evening primrose oil - natural stimulating ingredients for increased sensitivity. Menthol is added to give a warming, tingling, stimulating sensation. Propanediol is a pure and natural humectant derived from vegetables, and Citric Acid is for pH balance and natural preservation.

Is there a flavor to [G]? Can it be used during oral sex?

[G] is generally odorless, tasteless and colorless and is not intended to use during oral sex. It most likely would not cause harm if a small amount of [G] was to be ingested, however [G] works best with use of fingers and/or penis manipulation.

Is [G] Stimulating Gel latex condom compatible? How about with plastic adult toys?

[G] is a water-based formula with natural ingredients, and should be compatible with latex condoms and plastic adult toys, however we do not have any clinical testing to prove compatibility.

Can I buy [G] Stimulating Gel in stores?

Yes! [G] is available in numerous retail locations throughout North America such as The Vitamin Shoppe. Use our store locator to find the nearest retailer to your zip code.

Where is [G] Stimulating Gel made and who created it?

[G] is a product of DreamBrands, Inc based in Phoenix, Arizona. DreamBrands uses the highest quality and efficacious ingredients possible, as well as the most efficient easy-to-use dispensing containers for our gels and lubricants.

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"Wow... [G] really hits the spot! I enjoyed the gentle warming and tingling sensation. It made my toes curl and legs quiver, as I was able to experience more frequent and stronger orgasms. My husband and I both give [G] two thumbs up!" - Melanie D.

"I just want to tell you that this product is AMAZING! Our sex life is excellent, but i think this product doubled the intensity of my wife's orgasms. I couldn't believe how hard they were. She even told me that we can use this when our kids are not home because she couldn't control herself. We are 1000% satisfied! Thank you so much for this product." - [G] Fan


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