Why [G]?


It's AMAZING what a TINGLING lubricant can do

It's more than a warming lube - it's actually a female stimulating gel. Applied directly to the clitoris, it's powerful, it's explosive, it's devilishly sexy. And, if you're lucky, it's habit-forming.

[G] will intensify your sexual experience and may make your personal pleasure exceed your dreams. Silky smooth lubrication and natural topical ingredients used during foreplay, helps result in increased arousal and may lead to more frequent and stronger orgasms.

So don't rush. Savor the warm, arousing, sensual feeling with G. Your prelude to great sex.

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"Wow... [G] really hits the spot! I enjoyed the gentle warming and tingling sensation. It made my toes curl and legs quiver, as I was able to experience more frequent and stronger orgasms. My husband and I both give [G] two thumbs up!" - Melanie D.

"I just want to tell you that this product is AMAZING! Our sex life is excellent, but i think this product doubled the intensity of my wife's orgasms. I couldn't believe how hard they were. She even told me that we can use this when our kids are not home because she couldn't control herself. We are 1000% satisfied! Thank you so much for this product." - [G] Fan


As seen in Redbook, Health, and Cosmopolitan