Menopause Relief

Internal Harmony Menopause Relief is a daily supplement designed to help improve mental energy, focus and mood while also providing safe, effective relief from multiple menopausal symptoms. This formula contains geniVida, a non-soy genistein, which has been shown to reduce the number and duration of hot flashes.

Sleep Aid

Relax, sleep and replenish with the first sleep made just for women. Internal Harmony Sleep features powerful botanicals to first help you relax. Then, its clinically tested ingredients help ensure a restful sleep. While a careful blend of vitamins and minerals replenish your mind and body. Sleep better and live life in balance with Internal Harmony.

Progesterone Cream

Internal Harmony is formulated to help mature women maintain a healthy balance and sustained well being. Each metered dose delivers 25mg of all-natural plant-derived progesterone, as well as a blend of organic herbs and vitamins in a completely balanced formula. Just one application in the morning and you're prepared for whatever your demanding day (and night) throws at you. Live life in balance.

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