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Highest Quality Extracts

DreamBrands sources the highest quality natural plant and mushroom extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and other phytonutrients for all our unique formulations. The scientists at DreamBrands use EMIT [Extraction Maximization Isolation Technology] to achieve Internal Harmony Energy's potent proprietary blend.

Internal Harmony EMIT
Internal Harmony formulator Gary Kehoe

World Renowned Formulators

Internal Harmony Energy was developed by a world renowned formulator Gary Kehoe, and his wife Cecile, a physical chemist. Gary initially formulated a successful men’s product, Mdrive, that began as a personal mission to improve his own strength, stamina and vitality as he aged. Gary wanted to do the same for his wife.

Internal Harmony formulator Cecile Kehoe

As an accomplished chemist, Cecile has run research analytical labs for some well-established companies. She’s also a mother of two who enjoys yoga, dance and hiking. For Cecile, she wanted a natural supplement for both mental and physical energy that was well rounded and tailored to a woman’s needs.

Internal Harmony Capsules

Gary and Cecile engaged their full-scale development laboratory at DreamBrands, one of the country’s best research and development companies. Along with its brilliant chemists and engineers, as a team they were able to focus on the task of creating the first women’s supplement that supports improved mental energy, positive mood and overall vitality.

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