Internal Harmony natural progesterone cream helps menopausal symptom relief including mood and hot flashes. Proprietary blend of herbs and vitamins in topical cream. Learn more, see special offers and read reviews.

  • Natural progesterone
  • Proprietary blend of herbs and vitamins
  • Metered-pump topical cream


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About Internal Harmony

A progesterone cream formulated to help mature women maintain a balance between energetic well-being and calm focus.

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Natural progesterone plus herbal extracts and vitamins work together in synergy to help restore the calm and peace you need to move forward with your dreams, your goals, your relationships, your life.


"My life is so much better"

"If I had only found Internal Harmony three years ago when I first started experiencing hot flashes and anxiety attacks my life is so much better now that I use Internal Harmony."
-R.P., Dallas Tx

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