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Oceanus Sensuals Premium Products

The Oceanus Sensuals collection features two different luxurious formulas designed to be healthy, safe and the premier in sexual enhancement. The collection is offered in an attractive-sized bottle for discreet traveling, making it available whenever the moment strikes. Made with only premium body safe ingredients, each was formulated to be health conscious as well as provide a long lasting pleasurable sexual experience. Enjoy.

The Oceanus Sensuals Collection

Ultra Pure thin premium bodyglide

Ultra Pure is the pinnacle for a premium bodyglide. It is scientifically formulated to be a thin moisturizer for extra sensitivity and the easiest clean-up. Extensive research was required to perfect such an attractive formula. Feel the luxury of Ultra Pure.

Ultra Pure's sleek modern bottle is also special. It features a self-sealing nozzle (added safety feature) that pumps metered amounts, with no mess, in any direction (even upside down). Try it and see for yourself.

For added safety, Ultra Pure features medical grade silicones and only pure ingredients. Ultra Pure contains no glycerin, propylene glycol or parabens.

Sensual Massage medium massage + bodyglide

Sensual massage is perfect for an intimate massage and what inevitably happens next. Its sexy 2 in one formula is scientifically designed to provide the a long lasting massage, plus personally moisturize and condition the skin. Elevate your massage experience.

For added safety, Sensual Massage features medical grade silicones and only pure ingredients. Sensual Massage contains no glycerin, propylene glycol or parabens.

Two different body safe products offering long lasting pleasure. Try them both.

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