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Cordydrive is the exclusive blend of ingredients powering our premier Mdrive products. Pioneered by Gary Kehoe, product development veteran and the Mdrive inventor, it all started with Mdrive Classic. Dedicated to helping men like you regain the strength, stamina, and drive you had in your prime.

After nearly 10 years of research, Gary’s scientists focused on a core group of ingredients known to revitalize healthy men. Cordydrive is amazing because the ingredients work in synergy. You’ll discover Cordydrive is a breakthrough formula that works to help refind your prime, it’s extremely potent and highly bio-active.



An extremely effective and powerful life-enhancing mushroom used by millions of people worldwide to improve energy and vitality.


Supports normal immune and cardiovascular health, as well as normal liver function. Maitake is known as an adaptogen and tonic.


One of the most dense phytonutrient substances found in nature for increasing energy, stamina and endurance, as well as promoting mental clarity.

American Ginseng

Is used by athletes for overall body strengthening including the adrenal and reproductive glands.


Has been used for centuries in North & South America as an aphrodisiac. Effective in relieving stress. It also helps with oxygenating the blood supply and increasing energy.

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Mdrive Ingredients Extraction Maximization Isolation Technology

Mdrive contains powerful bio-active extracts from a variety of mushrooms, roots, seeds, and plants. As with ashwagandha, much of the ‘science’ inside our formulas also dates back centuries. Our scientists just happen to use the most modern technologies – called EMIT – to extract, 100% legal, safe, all-natural, clinically-proven doses of these nutrient-rich organisms and blend them so that the sum of the ingredients would be far more powerful than any one. The result is a formulation that strengthens the adrenal glands and provides natural sustained energy, endurance, stamina, and sex drive.

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