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Early versions of lubricants like K-Y were designed for insertion of medical instrumentation. And the current generation of personal lubricants have been designed primarily with men's pleasure in mind; women's needs are secondary.

Designed for women's health and pleasure

Our team of scientists wanted to take a completely different approach. Unlike other major brands, The Natural personal lubricant was developed with 97% natural, water-based ingredients that offer a safe and healthy alternative for women. We focus first on women's health and second on pleasure for both partners.

Improved texture, lubrication and pH balance

The primary ingredient in The Natural personal lubricant is carrageenan, an extract from a rich marine algae that is one of the oldest surviving sea plants on earth. This ingredient has extraordinary thickening abilities and has long been used in food and cosmetic products.

The first "thixotropic" personal lubricant

In the bottle, The Natural is a rich gel that dispenses easily and stays where you put it. As it warms to body temperature, it changes from a gel to a moisture-rich lubricant, a unique physical benefit that scientists refer to as "thixotropic."

Nonirritating & safe for every day

While research continues into silicone's safety, you don't have to worry about using The Natural -- it contains no silicone, petroleum-based glycol or other harsh chemicals. Water-based The Natural contains carrageenan and other ingredients that are non-irritating, safe, effective (and fun!) for everyday use.

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"This is by far the best lube I've ever tried!!! It's so silky smooth and long lasting. I love, love, love that it's all natural. Not sticky and toxic like just about everything else on the market." - Heather


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